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AR Rahman Composed Music for ‘Fire’, a Movie About Lesbian Romance, Despite Personal Beliefs

AR Rahman is a famous music composer from India. He recently said in an interview that he composed music for the movie “Fire”. The movie is about two women who fall in love with each other, even though they are married to unhappy husbands. The director of the movie is Deepa Mehta.

Initially, AR Rahman was uncertain about working on the movie due to the story. However, he decided to work on it after he agreed with the director’s message of love and inclusion on this movie. AR Rahman composed the movie’s music, which received positive reviews for blending Indian classical music with Western music.

The movie “Fire” was released in 1996. When it came out, many people in India were angry about it because it showed homosexuality. But the movie also won many awards at international film festivals. Now, people see the movie as important for Indian cinema and for talking about LGBTQ+ people.

Rahman working on the music for “Fire” shows how art and media can change what people think and feel. It can help people understand new ideas and learn to accept others who are different.



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