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Pan India Superstar Dhanush to Croon the Catchy Second Song ‘Hathavidi’ for Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty

In an exciting development for fans of the upcoming comedy caper Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty, the highly anticipated announcement regarding the film’s latest song has created a buzz. Titled “Hathavidi,” the song is set to be sung by none other than the renowned superstar Dhanush.

The announcement video, released by the film’s team, showcases the talented actor Naveen Polishetty attempting to convince the director and producer that he can handle the vocals for the track. However, his comical endeavors are met with amusement as the team ultimately brings on board the sensational Dhanush to lend his voice to the song. From the glimpses provided, it appears that “Hathavidi” will be an incredibly catchy number that is sure to leave audiences tapping their feet.

The wait for the complete version of the song is finally coming to an end, as it is scheduled to be unveiled on May 31st. Fans can expect a delightful experience as they delve into the world of “Hathavidi,” which promises to be a musical treat.

Directed by the talented Mahesh Babu P and produced by UV Creations, Miss Shetty Mr Polishetty features the dynamic duo of Naveen Polishetty and veteran actress Anushka Shetty in the lead roles. With its focus on delivering a full-blown comedy entertainer, the film has generated significant anticipation among movie enthusiasts.

The promotions for Miss Shetty and Mr. Polishetty have been relentless, contributing to the growing buzz surrounding the project. As excitement mounts, the team has further revealed that the song will narrate the protagonist’s sorrowful and challenging story, piquing curiosity among eager fans. The specifics of this tale will be unveiled alongside the song release on May 31st.

Written and directed by Mahesh Babu P, Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty boasts a talented ensemble cast and is produced by Vamsi and Pramod under the banner of UV Creations. The music for the film is composed by the talented Madan. While the official release date is yet to be announced, it has been confirmed that Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty will hit the screens in multiple languages, ensuring a wider audience can revel in the laughter and entertainment it promises to deliver.

As the countdown to the release of “Hathavidi” begins, fans eagerly await the opportunity to experience the magic of Dhanush’s voice and the captivating storytelling that Miss Shetty and Mr. Polishetty hold in store for them.



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